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Choose your placemats or coasters colour, size, shape and quantity.

Shades Placemats – distinct, unique, decorative

Shades Placemats is a retailer and manufacturer of quality tablemats and coasters made from elegant lightweight acrylic.

Shades Placemats supply novel and contemporary items to inspire everyday life and enhance the dining experience.

Many of the products we sell are exclusive to our company and our aim is to offer customers the opportunity to buy unique, stylish, design led modern products direct from the manufacturer.

High added value personalised coasters and placemats which incorporate innovative promotional techniques are leading the way in optimising the opportunity to capitalise on this previously under-valued ambient media.

In addition to our standard ranges we can also offer customers and designers the opportunity to customise our products to their own requirements (subject to minimum order requirements).

From its operations in Stockport near Manchester, Shades is able to respond to the needs of its customers in both the UK and Europe.

ISO 9001 Quality – Every job that goes through the factory follows the same set of procedures.

Every process is carefully documented and can be traced at any point in the system.

We offer unparalleled service to customers with rapid order processing and fast delivery.